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Hello, I'm Oscar, and I'm gonna show you 2 CBeebies tapes recorded from the planner and DVDs, and guess what, Bill and Ben the flowerpot men are on some of them, YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

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01. Teletubbies Everywhere: Peacocks - Korea

02. The Shiny Show: Bedtime

03. Tweenies: Max's Stiff Neck

04. Teletubbies: Washing The Goat

05. Teletubbies Everywhere: Handshapes Fish - USA

06. Bill and Ben: Balloon Tricks

07. Tweenies: Jake's Been Sick

08. Teletubbies: Floating Boat

09. The Story Makers: Lost

10. Teletubbies Everywhere: Idlis - India

11. The Shiny Show: Glass Blowing

12. 64 Zoo Lane: The Story of Hercule Moustache

13. Teletubbies: Squeezing

14. Teletubbies: Violin (Spain)

15. Teletubbies Everywhere: Washing Clothes - South Africa

16. The Shiny Show: Florist

17. Bob The Builder: Mr Beasley's DIY Disaster

18. Teletubbies Everywhere: Snails - Korea

19. The Shiny Show: Jewellery Maker

20. Bob The Builder: Trix's Pumpkin Pie

21. Bob The Builder: Wendy's Magic Birthday

22. Fireman Sam: Dilys' Forgetful Day

23. Postman Pat: Pat's Foggy Day

24. Fimbles: String

25. 64 Zoo Lane: The Story of Puffins Of Mossy Bay

Running time: 358 Minutes


01. Bob The Builder: Spud Lends A Hand

02. Teletubbies Everywhere: Marble Track - Germany

03. Pingu: Pingu The Icicle Musician

04. The Shiny Show: Mosaic

05. Teletubbies: Naughty Hat

06. Teletubbies Everywhere: Shaking and Beating - Taiwan

07. Pingu: Pingu The Chef

08. The Shiny Show: Traffic Awarness

09. Teletubbies Everywhere: Sand Bottling - Russia

10. Pingu: Pingu Goes Away

11. Teletubbies Everywhere: Lanterns - Taiwan

12. Pingu: Pingu's New Kite

13. Bill and Ben: Phwoooar

14. Bob The Builder: Scruffty The Detective

15. Teletubbies Everywhere: Flower Festival - Spain

16. Yoho Ahoy: Feast With Rats

17. Yoho Ahoy: Cheese With Grog

18. Bits and Bobs: Crazy Golf

Running time: 183 Minutes



01. Big Cook Little Cook: Postman

02. Bobinogs: Happy Bobi-birthday

03. The Roly Mo Show: Little Bo's Birthday

04. Higgledy House: Birthday

05. Charlie and Lola: This Is Actually My Party

06. Tweenies: Fizz's Birthday

07. Balamory: The Lost Letter

08. The Koala Brothers: Penny's Birthday Surprise

09. Fimbles: Party Hat

10. Lunar Jim: Jim's Birthday Surprise

11. Lazytown: Miss Roberta

12. Me Too!: Disco Taxi

Released on the 16th of April 2007, Running time: 157 Minutes


01. Balamory: Beach Bonanza

02. Fimbles: Seashell

03. Boogie Beebies: Dancing On The Sand

04. The Koala Brothers: Lolly's New Flavour

05. Tweenies: Summer

06. Me Too!: Juicer

07. Little Robots: Under The Stars

08. Higgledy House: Holiday

09. The Roly Mo Show: Too Hot

10. Big Cook Little Cook: Holiday Maker

11. Charlie and Lola: The Most Wonderfullest Picnic In The Whole Wide World

Released on the 16th of July 2007, Running time: 161 Minutes


01. Lazytown: Lazytown's Surprise Santa

02. Boogie Beebies: I Wish It Would Snow

03. Balamory: Panto

04. Fimbles: Tune

05. Lunar Jim: Too Many Fluffies

06. Charlie and Lola: Snow Is My Favourite and my Best

07. Big Cook Little Cook: Father Christmas

08. The Roly Mo Show: Too Cold

09. Tikkabilla: Christmas Special

10. Tweenies: White Christmas

Released on the 12th of November 2007, Running time: 180 Minutes


01. Boogie Beebies: Sporty Boogie

02. Charlie and Lola: I Am Really Really Really Concentrating

03. Me Too!: Sports Day

04. The Large Family: The Big Race

05. Tweenies: Fast and Slow

06. Lazytown: Sports Day

07. Little Robots: Good Sport Sporty

08. Higgledy House: Fitness

09. The Koala Brothers: George's Big Race

10. Balamory: Fun Run

Released on the 21st of July 2008, Running time: 156 Minutes


1. Charlie and Lola: I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go To Bed

2. Fimbles: Moon

3. Me Too!: I Want To Say Goodnight

4. Teletubbies: Putting Angus To Bed

5. Jackanory Junior: The King Of Capri

6. The Roly Mo Show: Sweet Dreams

7. Little Robots: Sweet Dreams Scary

8. Balamory: Bedtime

9. Tweenies: Sleepover

Released on the 20th of October 2008, Running time: 120 Minutes


01. Harry and Toto: Stop and Go

02. Brum: Brum and the Airport Adventure

03. Little Robots: Metal Makes Us Special

04. Lazytown: Little Sportacus

05. Lunar Jim: Rover's Big Dig

06. Higgledy House: Babysitting

07. Charlie and Lola: I Want To Be Much More Bigger Like You

08. The Large Family: Elephants Never Forget

09. Tweenies: When I'm Older

10. The Koala Brothers: Mitzi's Busy Day

11. Boogie Beebies: Roll Up, Roll Up

12. Tommy Zoom: Confidence

13. Me Too!: Smiles and Frowns

Released on the 16th of February 2009, Running time: 164 Minutes


1. Get Squiggling: Bloodhound

2. Tikkabilla: Dressing Up and Houses

3. Teletubbies: Bubble Pictures

4. Balamory: Treasure Hunt

5. Charlie and Lola: I Wish I Could Draw Exactly Like You

6. Boogie Beebies: Building

7. Tweenies: Growing Bulbs

8. Big Cook Little Cook: Explorer

9. Fimbles: Cardboard Box

Released on the 25th of May 2009, Running time: 167 Minutes

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